making sweet treats to make life a little bit sweeter


thanksgiving...let's have chocolate!

yes, i know...
thanksgiving was nearly two months ago
but to be honest these cupcakes 
were too delicious to not share...
swiss meringue buttercream,

anyone who knows me
knows that i love having options.
because of this i think everyone else loves options too
these cupcakes are all about just that.
some are stuffed with ganache.
some have both swiss meringue and ganache topping.
some only have one topping,
some have only sprinkles. (GOLD sprinkles. buy them now!)
some have only toffee bits.
some have the works! (that is my personal favorite)

stuffing cupcakes. 
the best thing ever.
sure you can use a small knife
but this takes the cake!

have you ever stuffed a cupcake? 
what is your favorite cupcake topping? 
favorite place to get a cupcake?

*what is on my sprinkle wishlist?
THESE!!!! edible gold stars!

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