making sweet treats to make life a little bit sweeter


why, WHY am i doing this...

i have just gotten my master's degree (thanks mom and dad for the kitchen aid!)
while job searching/applying i have been baking up a storm
in my parents amazing new kitchen.
thankfully it was the holidays 
so i was not forced to eat it all by myself.
because i have friends and family
who are amazing cooks and bakers themselves
and others who are super supportive
many have suggested i start a blog.
so here i am.
i have to admit that this is a little scary.
technology and publicly displaying my creations.
these things are scary.

*i will never claim to be a photography genius
i have no fancy camera,
i sometimes have to stand on the counter to get a good picture
and i have been know to take a picture or two on the floor.
don't judge. all things are done with love.

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