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june 13th
my sister in law's birthday.
26. man, that sounds old 
but really i am only two years behind...
i believe that baked goods are better than material gifts.
delicious. satisfying. from the heart.
also, who couldn't use a little extra cakelove on their birthday?
exactly. everyone! 
i happen to think she is one of the most amazing bloggers out there
and so i made these
but only the cake recipe.
(seriously, she is incredible. if you haven't checked her out, get over there right now!)
while the rest of the recipe is on my list of of "to makes" 
for this birthday bash i decided to make four different buttercream frostings...
1. chocolate
2. green tea
3. vanilla
4. peanut butter
this was really super simple. 
i made a vanilla base, split it up into four bowls,
and added the different flavoring (ie. peanut butter-Jiff and only Jiff, matcha green tea powder, and/or cocoa powder
then came the sprinkles...
sprinkles add so much happiness to an already happy thing!
YUMMY!!! Which would you choose? It is peanut butter for sure for this girl.

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