making sweet treats to make life a little bit sweeter



this past week i made
peanut butter macarons.
actually i made these.
there will be no pictures of these
for two reasons:
1) they were ugly
2) they were so quickly eaten a picture would not have been possible.
let me tell you, my macarons look nothing like this
for two reasons:
1) i did not have the appropriate pastry bag tip
2) the peanuts did not get ground finely.
to avoid problem #1-
use a medium to large round tip.
to avoid problem #2-
ground the peanuts by themselves, 
then add the almond flour,
then add the confectioner sugar.
better yet! buy ground peanuts/peanut flour if you can find it.
i also filled some with Jiff, 
some with natural peanut butter
and drizzled some with melted semi sweet chocolate chips.

my next attempt at making these will include some filled with chocolate ganache.
and a less bumpy, ugly macaron. 

either way, don't be intimated by macarons 
(as I was)
they aren't that difficult to make
if you measure properly,
ground properly,
and are ready to focus!

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