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christmas, part three

this is my third and final christmas dessert post.
three christmases is excellent for my mixer
and list of recipes to try
but not so good for my waistline!

for the final dessert i chose pavlova.
they are light
and allow you to be creative.

this recipe is incredible.
the vinegar in the egg whites makes it a bit caramely
the brown sugar in the whipped cream adds a tasty and unusual sweetness
the sugar sprinkles atop the fruit were the perfect touch
(any way to add sprinkles and I am all over it!)
obviously you may use any fruit you like.
here i used strawberries,
and kiwi.
blueberries would be nice.
as would mango
or peaches
or pomegranate seeds.

*this recipe does follow instructions
for one large pavlova 
but makes 8 individual ones easily.

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