making sweet treats to make life a little bit sweeter


christmas, part one

vibrant red. 
truly a labor of love.
some suggest cutting the pomegranate in half
and "spanking" it to get the seeds out. 
others peal the pomegrante and gently remove the juicy jewels of deliciousness.
i cut it in quarters, submerge in water and remove the juicy jewels with my fingers.
juice squirts everywhere but it is totally worth it!
i followed this recipe...
sort of...
i skipped the cream cheese icing and opted for a buttercream.
buttercream is the favorite in my family. 
i also opted to not tackled the fondant pomegranate...

ooops! a few extra juicy jewels for me.

this girl has the most incredible sprinkles.
see here and here and here.
love. love. love!

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