making sweet treats to make life a little bit sweeter


here goes...

hello! i am just a girl with a (new!!!) pink kitchen aid,
 pink spatula, pink tongs, pink mixing bowl, pink knives, pink hand mixer...
really most things in my kitchen arsenal are pink. 
i can't help it. 
i just love it.
i also have a thing for aprons.
ruffles, owls, polka dots.
i do not discriminate.
i also dream of someday having a gorgeous kitchen
with lots of wall space
and being able to hang them up
all around the kitchen.

ten things about me:
1. i love pink
2. painted nails make me a happy lady
3. (nearly) every sweet thing i make is teeny tiny
4. i could live off of cookies, cupcakes, and coconut seltzer
5. my mom is my idol in the kitchen
6. i have a hard time going shopping and not buying a new kitchen tool (thanks, mom!)
7. i find the option of "buying" cookbooks on e-readers to be sad
8. i could listen to cooking shows all day
9. i am a messy baker/cook and proud of it
10. i have the best family and friends 

delicious treats to come!

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